Friday, June 26, 2009

Episode 28 Michael Jackson's Death

Episode 28

Michael Jackson's death.

Hello, I'm sad to welcome you to episode 28 of Jay Wont dart's podcast, sad because Im about to briefly talk about Michael Jacksons death. My short intro is from one of the Thriller Casts, an official Michael Jackson podcast to build up Thriller 25, with Adam Curry leaving a message along with other celebrities about how he felt about Michael Jackson.

Today Michael Jackson died, at about 10AM, June 26th New Zealand time, thats about 2PM June 25th in America. He was just 50 years old. He fell into a coma and the cause of his death is believed to be cardiac arrest, which is similar to a heart attack.

I heard about it first from my friend Wiriya, he sent me a txt message early in the morning saying sorry about Michael Jackson. I heard during a news bulletin that he had died. I heard Shes Out Of My Life. A very beautiful song from Off the Wall, his first solo album.
I knew it were odd that a Michael Jackson song was being played, Coast FM is for people in their 60s, its all idiotic feel good music, in between the ads for errectile dysfunction magic pills, and the Senior card, which has the slogan of "its for people like you". Straight after the song, I heard the news about his passing.

I dont know what to say really, I'm pretty upset that Michael died, I was one of his biggest Invercargill fans, thats for sure. I love that he has the biggest selling album of all time, Thriller, which has sold over 104 million copies, according to the Guinness Book of Records. Thats just amazing, only about 30 albums have ever sold more than 20 million, and the second biggest selling album is The Eagles greatest hits, at a pathetic 45 million. In america, they sometimes say that Michael Jackson HAD the biggest selling album of all time, they mean just in america, The Eagles album has sold a few more copies than Thriller in America for some insane reason. I think its because all the old Eagles fans lose their albums, then overdose on their meds and in a crazed fury go to the cd store and buy dozens more copies. Plus, all Michaels comparatively young fans just download his albums.

I'll be watching the news waiting to hear more about him over the coming days, coverage of his funeral and other things. I remember when he was at James Browns funeral, it was so odd seeing Michael Jackson and his body guards leaning over James Brown in a coffin talking privately. I cant imagine just now what Michael Jackson will look like in a coffin, in a way I hope its an open coffin, as shocking as it will be, it will help me understand, wow, hes dead and is not coming back.

Online, many celebrities have twitted nice messages about Michael, saying he was their inspiration. I checked his official site,, which is a Sony site. A few years ago Michael was very angry with Sony, because he felt they didnt promote Invincible, his last album well enough. He wanted to leave the label, and they effectively cut off any further singles being released. He called the heads of Sony Music racist, and that they were "very devilish". At first the Michael site had a drawing of Michael to promote his performances that were due in just a week or so, with this small statement underneath.

pretty bland, and hard for me to believe, it should have been the most official news source, being his own site and all, I still wanted to believe it was just some crazy rumour.
The site was soon updated with a longer statement from Sony.

I'll play some of the coverage about his death so far, thank you for listening to this short episode of my podcast.

Today, I also heard his song Gone Too Soon, from the Dangerous Album, Michael dedicated the song to his friend Ryan White, a young AIDS victim. Ryan caught AIDS from a blood transfusion, and the local schools didnt want him to come back to school when they learned he had AIDS, they feared it could spread. Many celebrities such as Michael and Elton John supported Ryan White, and he is now remembered as a figure about the plight of AIDS. I'll end with Gone Too Soon. Rest in peace Michael.

Gone Too Soon.

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