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Episode 46 Stand By Me, Contact, American Beauty

Episode 46

Stand By Me, Contact, American Beauty

Hi, welcome to episode 46 of Jay Wont darts podcast. My intro was from episode 132 of No Agenda.

This episode, I'll talk about three of my favourite movies. Stand by Me, a coming of age flick, Contact, starring Jodie Foster and centred around aliens, and American Beauty, which is like a grown up Ferris Buellers Day Off.

First, Stand By Me.

Heres the trailer,

Stand By Me is a movie a lot of people will have seen before, and forgotten about. Its truly a classic. The movie, based on a Steven King book, came out in 1986. It has a lot of fairly well known scenes, the young boys walking along train tracks for most of the movie is quite memorable.

I'll read from the Wikipedia summary.

The film is narrated by an adult Gordie LaChance, known as "The Writer" (Richard Dreyfuss), writing the memoir about his youth. Set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Oregon, over Labor Day weekend in September 1959, Gordie (Wil Wheaton), and his friends Chris Chambers (River Phoenix) and Teddy Duchamp (Corey Feldman) learn from their friend Vern Tessio (Jerry O'Connell) that the dead body of a boy named Ray Brower, who was struck by a train while picking blueberries in the woods, has not been found. While under his porch looking for his buried jar of pennies, Vern overheard his older brother talking about finding the body while in the woods with a friend. The boys then embark upon a two-day journey across the woodlands near Castle Rock to see and find the body in hopes that the discovery will make them all famous.
Each boy has a physical and/or emotional burden. Gordie is a quiet, bookish boy with a penchant for telling stories and writing, rejected by his father following the death of his football-star older brother Denny (John Cusack) in a Jeep accident. Chris is from a family of criminals and alcoholics and, despite his intelligence and desire to break the generational curse, he is usually stereotyped accordingly. Teddy is an eccentric and physically deformed after his mentally-unstable father (whom Teddy sees as a war hero who "stormed the beach at Normandy") held his ear to a stove and nearly burned it off, thus forcing him to wear a hearing aid. Vern, overweight and timid, is easily scared, and thus often picked on.
Through the boys' misadventures and conversations, the viewer learns about each character's personality. Each of the boys, for varying reasons, lives in the shadow of their fathers and older brothers. Gordie's talent for storytelling pegs him as the most likely of the four to have a promising future.

Heres a clip of Gordie telling a story.

Stand By Me is a great movie, its been mentioned in pop culture a few times, such as the scenes of the adult writer reminiscing about his childhood friends. By the end of the movie, we hear him mention how he moved away from his friends, and the terrible fates that awaited each of them. Its terribly sad, to hear how they all end up.

The next movie is Contact, about finding a radio signal from outer space. Contact came out in 1997. Jodie Foster's character has been into radio all her life, and now she works with radio telescopes listening to signals from space. Eventually, she and her team manage to decode one such signal, and find out it has information inside, instructing them to build a machine.

Here is the trailer for contact.

I forget the total cost of the machines, but its actually quite low by todays standards, less than the US auto bail outs for example. A machine, or two, to teleport us through space, to meet aliens, and they cost less than keeping American cars around.

This is unrelated to the cost of the machine, but here is a clip of Jodie Foster asking for more funding.

Contact has a really interesting character, a ultra rich man near the end of his life, he shows up in a lot of interesting scenes, such as one as he floats inside a space station to prolong his life. Near the very end of the movie, as a question about him is brought up, we see his fellow space station friends put him in a body bag.

An interesting thing about Contact, the signal, and aliens, are from Vega, a star. When you mention this star , people from Vega are called "vay-guns". So, in the movie there are some GREAT clips to be made, as it sounds like they are saying Vegans! Observe.

Arnt they great?

The last movie is American Beauty. I love this movie, it features Kevin Spacey as the main character. American Beauty came out in 1999.

Reading from Wikipedia,
Kevin Spacey plays Lester Burnham, a middle-aged office worker who has a midlife crisis after becoming infatuated with his teenage daughter's best friend.

After watching a high school basketball game at which Jane is a cheerleader, Lester develops an infatuation with Jane's sexually precocious friend and classmate, Angela . His fantasies entail a sexually aggressive Angela among red rose petals. Lester is informed he is to be laid off, but blackmails his boss, quits his job and takes up low-pressure employment at a fast food chain. He buys his dream car, starts lifting weights and begins running to "look good naked"—to impress Angela, whom he overheard telling Jane that she would find him sexually attractive if he had muscle. He also takes up smoking cannabis, which he buys from Ricky. Lester continues to fantasize about Angela and flirts with her whenever she visits Jane. The pair's friendship wanes and Jane becomes romantically involved with Ricky; the lovers bond over Ricky's camcorder footage of what he considers the most beautiful imagery he has filmed: a plastic bag blowing in the wind

Its a very odd movie, but definitely one of my favourite movies of all time. Heres the trailer for American Beauty.

here are some other clips, the main character Lester explaining his job

That job scene actually is reminding me of Fight Club, American Beauty is like Ferris Beuller meets Fight Club, but without the violence. Its emotional, but not a chick flick.

a tense dinner scene

and the most beautiful thing Ricky has ever filmed, a plastic bag

I highly recommend all three of these movies, Stand By Me, Contact, and American Beauty.

Thank you for listening. My outro is the New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, on the Letterman show.

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Episode 45 Earthlings

Episode 45 Earthlings

Hello and welcome to another fine episode of Jay Wont dart's podcast. This episode, I'll talk a tiny bit about Earthlings. I have two fairly long pieces of audio that will make up the majority of this episode. My intro is an old Australian news story of an animal who tried to escape from a zoo.

Earthlings is a very important movie to me, I think it says almost all that needs to be said on the side of veganism. Earthlings shows basically all the ways animals are used in todays society. It has graphic footage, from well known animal welfare groups such as PETA, and is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, who is vegan. Instrumental music throughout the movie is performed by well known vegan musician Moby.

This is a few minutes of audio from Earthlings.

I first saw Earthlings because Elizabeth Collins, of NZ Vegan podcast told me to. I was lent the movie by an Invercargill SAFE member, who hadnt watched Earthlings because they had heard how graphic it is. Its true, Earthlings has a lot of violent imagery, but I think its our duty as human beings to see what we have done, and continue to do to the world. To talk a little bit about Earthlings, here is Elizabeth, in a clip she recorded literally MONTHS ago for me :)

I'd like to thank Elizabeth for taking the time to add to this episode. Its taken me long enough to make this episode, but its finally done! You can find Elizabeth on iTunes by searching "NZ vegan", or at as well as NZ Vegan Podcast on Twitter.

Thank you for listening. My outro is a Seinfeld clip.

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Have a super happy day, bye.

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Episode 44 New Zealand Hunting

Episode 44

New Zealand Hunting

Then I'll never visit Las Vegas. Hello, welcome to episode 44 of Jay Wont dart's podcast, where I talk about sad parts of New Zealands culture. My intro was from This Week In Tech episode 211. Recently I've been covering a lot of New Zealand news stories, I hope to help this information get out. Right now there are a lot of "white baiters", people who go out catching tiny fish known as "white bait" in nets along riversides. What we in New Zealand call Whitebait is actually the juvenile form of a certain kind of fish, not sure how to say the name, Galaxiid. The babies, White Bait as they are known, look like slimy little white worms. In Southland, a fairly rural area, its a big thing to go out "white baiting", a bunch of guys will go out to "the river" and catch these baby fish in nets. I find it revolting, but it seems to be a cultural thing here, and its nearly impossible to get people to agree that they are standing about a river, getting drunk, all to catch tiny little baby animals in nets. The newspapers and local business market for White Baiters, its just an accepted part of Southland life.

In New Zealand, its fairly common, or at least portrayed in NZ popular culture to be common, to go out hunting. I doubt the average New Zealand bloke goes out hunting a few times a year, but its part of our image, as being tough hairy men, all New Zealand men are portrayed as big strong hunters, even when catching baby fish in nets. The most commonly killed animals would probably be deer, ducks and pigs. For this episode , Ill mention all three. I have opinions from two other vegans to play on this episode, as well as many sound clips from youtube and New Zealand news stories.

To start off, heres some great advice comes from , a government body regulating hunting.

"Now comes the fun part, gutting it, drawing the bird, eviscerating it, whatever you want to call it. Grab that sharp knife and make 2 cuts. The first is in the throat area. This is so you can poke the hose or tap into it and flush the cavity out. The second cut is from below the breastplate bone toward the anus" Sound like fun to you?

The fish and game site even has a youth section, its kind of like a rugged boy scouts image, the idea of kids who know how to live off the fat of the land, so to speak. Its pretty sick, getting kids indoctrinated that hunting=good at a young age. Its a shame these kids arnt playing more violent video games, otherwise they might have learnt that hunting isnt something to be proud of , . Well said Solid Snake.

My first clip, is about pig hunting, I'll play back some of the sounds.

In one form of pig hunting, a pack of dogs track down a wild pig, then bite onto it any way they can, to hold the pig. Then a so called "pig hunter" will walk over, and cut the pigs throat.

In some forms of pig hunting, the hunters shoot the pig, I guess they need to shoot the more dangerous larger boars. But, in many of the videos I saw on YouTube, the big brave hunters rely on a 5-10 dogs to find, chase and catch the pig, and hold it down for the big brave hunter, as he cuts its throat. Sometimes, the pig manages to fight back. When they do, I bet the hunters act as though the pig's broken the law "hey mate, you're not meant to defend yourself, you should just let us kill ya mate!"

Heres an example of that, some idiot hunter had his finger bit by the pig, and yeah, its bleeding quite a lot, but its hardly equal to the damage done to the pig. Listen to him bitch about it.

So, when hes surrounding a single Labrador sized pig with a bunch of dogs, with a bunch of his friends, and hes complaining that the pig bit him on the finger? Dude, you're trying to cut its throat, why should it make it easy for you?

I asked for some help making this episode, and my friend Linda sent me a few pictures of injured pig hunting dogs. Heres what Linda has to say.

Thank you Linda for helping me with this hunting episode.

Some of these hunting videos I've got from YouTube have good production, with titles and different effects edited in. Some are set to music, making out a good time with rock music, or a large dramatic piece you may recognise, set to southland duck shooters. Those are real gun shots, not sound effects.

When you are out hunting, you are not meant to be drinking alcohol, but I would assume that most duck shooters etc do. Even tv pieces have highlighted "the boys havin' a few" as they stand around all day in camo gear, waiting to kill a small bird. This is just one of many mainstream news pieces about hunting in New Zealand, I really dont know why people want to go out hunting if this is anything what its really like.

Another person to get back to me about this episode was my good friend Sam, from .

Thank you very much Sam, Im always glad to have you on my podcast. You can see one of Sams websites at

I have two further clips. This one is from a local Southland TV station, Cue.

So that just goes to show that its a fairly traditional to hunt among many rural families, but that doesnt make it acceptable to me.

This is a Campbell Live piece about making your own meat, apparently more common because of meat being too expensive at the local supermarket. I honestly doubt that many people in New Zealand hunt for all their meat, but maybe to the hunters it seems that way.

Kinda sick hearing that resturant guy at the end promote wild game meat as "responsible, organic" and as "controlling pests". This is what animal welfare has given us, a load of ways to describe a nice way of killing animals. Some animals are pests? Why, because they want to eat a bit of grass, a couple leaves off a tree or two? Get real, its not like they are dumping toxic waste into rivers.

The point of this episode has been to highlight hunting in New Zealand. Its not a very normal thing in this country, I dont think most people go out hunting, but its still seen as something to be proud of, catching baby fish in nets, training dogs to viciously grab pigs by the testicles, and shooting at cute little ducks. I really hope our attitudes change away from this, and that we learn to give animals the respect they deserve.

My outro will be a remix of a certain clip from Trading Spouses, Bacon is Good for me.

Thank you for listening.

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Episode 43 Horse Meat, Michael Laws Bullies Kids

Episode 43 Horse Meat ,Michael Laws bullies Kids.

Hello and welcome to another episode of Jay Wont dart's podcast, your number one source for New Zealand News.

My intro was a youtube clip about Gay Anarchists upsetting church goers.

This episode, the sale of Horse Meat intended for pets to people who eat it, and Michael Laws, a mayor and celebrity upsets some young Maori children.

First, Horse Meat.

Horse meat is not sold in New Zealand, at least not in a way that makes it safe for people to eat. This story covers people buying horse meat from a pet food abattoir, the meat is meant for pets to eat, and is sold in bags saying "not fit for human consumption". I really want to get some of those bags and use it for vegan activism, with toy chickens and cows inside of the bags. Maybe I could change the words to "not fit for HUMANE consumption".

So called Pet food meat is not prepared to the same standard as meat designated for people. It has a greater chance of causing food poisoning, from having higher numbers of bacteria and parasites. Its also probably not hacked up in as clean a facility, to save the factory owner from having to invest as much in machinery and processes. Basically, pet food grade meat is not as "clean" as meat designated for human consumption.

People are outraged about this, people eating Horse Meat in New Zealand, despite the fact that we kill horses for pet food, and I've heard we export horse meat overseas.

This is another case of people believing some animals to be too important, or too special, to be eaten. A lot of racist remarks have come up, because its apparently mostly Tongan people who are buying the horse meat to eat as a tongan specialty meal, called Loi Hoosi. However, in the video, one of the sellers mentions all sorts of people as buying horse meat from her.

Heres the first clip

I've stopped here to mention whats going to happen, when the slaughterer is approached, he hugs and kisses the reporter! Its very odd, but effective! I have a 3 minute video clip, the full footage of his response, but as its not very audio centric, I wont play it. Ok, back to the first clip.

Its somewhat difficult to find the difference between "pet food" grade meat and "human grade" meat. How is the average New Zealand meat eater, with pets, meant to feel hearing that pet food grade meat contains quote "more parasites" and quote "greater chance of food poisoning"? Would you really feed it to a cat or dog you consider a family member?

People are terribly upset that New Zealanders are eating horse meat. The people upset by it complain that its not a "new zealand" thing to do, we dont do that in this country. Well, tell that to the people who DO eat horse meat in this country. You cant control what people do, just because you dont agree with it. I must sound like a hypocrite now right?

I love to ask people what they think is in their pets food, oh sure the ad shows "lovely pure meat" going in, but thats an ad, it would make dirt look healthy, all the while claiming it promotes a shiny coat. In reality, Pet food grade meat is awful, by definition its "worse" than normal meat. If you buy pet food that contains "meat", its probably pet food grade meat, meaning its the absolute worst, most diseased animals you can think of, hacked up. I've read about some pet foods that claim to use "humane grade meat", but thats not a class of meat technically, so it could just be marketing speak! Heres a hint, if it says "not intended for human consumption" on the packet, its probably diseased. If it has a warning not to be eaten, then its probably not a good idea to feed it to your pets.

The other story I'd like to cover today is Michael Laws, and his reply to some 11-12 year old kids who wrote him a letter. Michael Laws is an outspoken Mayor, and hosts a radio show, amongst other things. Hes a right wing commentator type guy, the man on the street is meant to like him because he "cuts to the chase", "none of that Politically Correct garbage". An average Michael Laws comment will focus on race, that "certain races" beat their kids, or are all on benefits.

I'll let the clips speak for themselves.

Even when Laws is defending himself, he often brings up annoying things, like that the teachers MUST have put the kids up to it, or that kids that age are only into Harry Potter. Who is he to tell kids what to be interested in? If younger people are into politics good for them. Just because they are below voting age, doesnt mean they should only read children's fantasy books.

At the end of that clip, Michael Laws sounded apologetic, but on his own radio show, hes quite different. This is part of Michael Laws response on his radio show, hes always very sure of himself and comes across as boisterous.

So, thats Michael Laws.

Thank you for listening about two current events that are happening in New Zealand. My outro is an angry Scientologist talking, he swears a few times.

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Episode 42 Anti Smacking Bill Fallout

Episode 42 Anti Smacking Bill Fallout

Hello and welcome to episode 42 of Jay Wont dart's podcast, where I talk about being one of the Invercargill 1915. I'll explain that later. My intro was a youtube video called Flight of the Hummingbird, I just ordered the book, about doing whatever you can, no matter how small, to make the world a better place.

Its been over for a while now, I'd decided to hold off covering the results of the Anti Smacking Bill Referendum, in hope that an answer would come at the end of it. So far, nothing has changed, the referendum has been for nothing.

To go over the Anti Smacking Bill again quickly, Sue Bradford, an MP of the minor Green Party proposed a bill, that the defense of "reasonable force for the purpose of correction"could be used by parents charged with assaulting their children. This was very upsetting to many parents who believed in physical discipline of their children, they were for smacking, and saw the law as taking away their right as parents to smack their children. The bill went into law 2007, a petition was to be held in 2009 once enough signatures were reached.

Ok, so that was simplified, but it gets us to this year at least. The question being asked was "Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?"

People have been very confused about what this actually means, and people against physical discipline have said that the question is very loaded, its designed to make you vote NO, that a smack is part of good parental correction, not something that parents should be recieve a lethal injection over. I totally agree, I think the question is over the top, its literally saying that something good parents do could now be turned into a "criminal offense", making good parents equal to murderers. I think a question like "do you think physical discipline of children is acceptable" would have been much better, although I guess people for smacking could say that "physical discipline" sounds scary, and that they would prefer smacking. I dont like the word smacking, because I see it as another loaded thing, in NZ, smacking generally means a light slap on the hand or the bottom of a child, people who believe in smacking dont agree that its violent, they see it as a correction thing and quite acceptable. The word smacking is a way of hiding the violent aspect of hitting another person, I think, so I'd prefer not to use the word "smacking". "Prime Minister John Key said of the question [The question] "could have been written by Dr Seuss - this isn't Green Eggs and Ham, this is yes means no and no means yes, but we're all meant to understand what the referendum means. I think it's ridiculous myself."

The referendum went ahead, and most of the country seemed very angry their right to smack their children was being taken away, most polls had about 80 percent support for smacking. I'll mention that people FOR the law change say that you could still smack your children, but others focus on moving away from physical discipline, so even I am confused as to whether smacking is banned or not banned! Sue Bradford, who came up with the bill, has been quoted mentioning "this doesnt make smacking illegal" but also "this makes smacking illegal" type comments, so who really knows what the bill means. For this episode, Im focusing on the "anti smacking bill" as meaning its against smacking full stop, as its physical discipline, and thats what the bill is focused on.

Most of this episode will be clips.

The first things I'll play will be people asking you to vote for their side in the referendum. I'll play two, this is Sue Bradford who wrote the law change, and Deborah Morris-Travers of Barnardos, a New Zealand child welfare group.

Here I have a radio debate I quite liked, remember, the Yes side is essentially against smacking, the No side is for smacking.

People generally were for smacking still, most polls were somewhere over 80 percent FOR smacking children, so thats a No vote. It became clear that the referendum would go the No voters side, allowing parents to physically discipline their children. This was mentioned in this news piece while the votes were being checked.

Things were not looking good for my side, against smacking, a Yes voter. Overwhelmingly , the final results of the nine million dollar referendum, that took place two years after the law was changed to supposedly ban smacking, were 87.6 percent voting No, for smacking, just amazing, absolutely overwhelmingly for smacking. Thats basically 9 out of 10 New Zealanders, who voted in this referendum. Voter turnout was 54%.

Just over 1.6 million votes were cast, about 1.3 million were for smacking. The places most against smacking, were Auckland and Wellington, the two largest cities in New Zealand, both had about 30 percent of people against smacking, only about 70 percent for smacking, which is VERY high compared to the rest of the country, where 80-90 percent were for smacking.

The places with the highest proportion of no voters, for smacking, were rural areas, including the Clutha Southland area, which is rural Southland, the province I live in. Invercargill city, where I actually live was different, but by less than a percentage point. My city, Invercargill, had 57.4% voter turnout, with 92.17% for smacking, and just a tiny 7.48% against. Amazing. 23,596 people for smacking, and just 1,915 against smacking here in Invercargill. So thats how I am one of the Invercargill 1915. I think I'll have to make "1 of the Invercargill 1915"t shirts, so we can recognise each other in public.

I knew this referendum would go this way, but its still shocking to see how outnumbered my position was. Im sure the question itself has much to do with this, but even then, people feel smacking is a parents right, and that not being allowed to smack children is giving the child yet another right, and taking away from the parents power. Thats a common feeling in New Zealand, that the bad people are running amok, and hard working people are being held back by a PC nanny state.

However, the big thing about this referendum, it was non binding, even if 100% of the voters wanted the law changed back, to supposedly allow smacking again, then the government of New Zealand didnt have to change anything! And, so far, John Key has said he wont change the law! People are VERY annoyed! Apparently, the no vote leaders are very upset, but looking out my window, 92% of my city hasnt formed a mob with pitch forks to get me, yet.

So, John Key, the new prime minister of New Zealand will no doubt have lost an enormous amount of support thanks to not changing the law. He says he feels the law is working, the man on the street says he is being arrogant and not listening to roughly 90% of the voting public.

However, even if the law were to be changed, would another referendum need to be held? How much would that cost? AND, the side for smacking, the leaders have different idea about what smacking should be, At least one right wing MP believes in using a tool, what I'd call a weapon, like a wooden spoon or ruler, as he believes it gives the attacker, or in his words, parent, better control of what they are doing, in my words, better striking abilities over the child they are hitting.

I'll play this news piece about a new possible law change.

This bill was thrown out, it came to nothing, just like the 9 million dollar referendum.

So, most people in New Zealand are for smacking, apparently, and yet the government wont change back the law that supposedly bans smacking your children. Nothing seems like it will change, except perhaps the people who voted right wing MP John Key into power, will not vote for him again, thats certainly what they are threatening to do. But, who will they vote for? Theres really only the minor ACT party against the law change, its hard to believe ACT getting in by itself. Who knows, its sure going to be interesting to see the government try and win peoples support again.

My outro will be special clip from Deborah Morris Travers.

Thank you for listening.

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Have a super happy day, bye.


Eating a Pigs head video !

Even people who eat meat generally dont like the idea of eating an animals face. The main Chef guy seems , not quite all there.

Eating a Pigs head Article with Video