Thursday, June 18, 2009

Episode 25 Presidential Animal Mishaps

Episode 25

Presidential animal mishaps

Hello and welcome to episode 25 of Jay Wont dart's podcast, where I mention silly news stories.

My intro was from No Agenda 103.

Today on the radio I heard about American President Barrack Obama swatting a fly during an interview, it was a silly news piece to be mentioned worldwide with all the bigger, more important news stories that must be happening.

I thought I'd play the audio from the video clip of Obama swatting a fly, as well as a couple of other quick stories, to do with Presidents and Animals. I covered Nixon in his own special episode, he has a few stories to do with Checkers, a dog given to him, so I wont mention those again.

Heres the Obama Fly story, and then some media comments to do with it.

I wish he didnt kill the fly, no matter how impressively he squashed it. Here is some of the media responses to the fly swatting.

George Bush, the president before Obama, had his own animal stories too. Theres one where he choked on a pretzel while watching sports at home, only saved by his dogs, and another when his most famous dog, the adorable Barney bit a reporter during Bush's last days as president. I'll play those two stories together.

My last story in this very quick episode is of Jimmy Carter being attacked by a rabbit while he was fishing.

My outro is from episode 61 of No Agenda

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Have a super happy day, bye.


Obama, fly
Video taken from youtube

George Bush, Barney bites reporter
George Bush, Pretzel

Jimmy Carter, Swamp Rabbit,

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