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Episode 23 Tunguska Event

Episode 23


My intro was from No Agenda 98, about Russian Television.

Hello and welcome to another episode of Jay Wont dart's podcast, where I talk about things that may or may not have happened.

This episode, the Tunguska Event. Sorry if I pronounce the name wrong, Tung-gus-ka.

I got the idea to make this episode from listening to No Agenda episode 100, this clip reminded me of how interesting the Tunguska Event is.

The Tunguska Event was a mysterious, and ultra powerful explosion that happened in Russia, back on the 30th of June, 1908. The current theory about what happened is that it was some kind of big comet, or meteor, that fell from the sky and exploded over the countryside. This explosion happened in a remote part of Russia, so there were no human deaths, but the power from the blast scarred the land. Reading from Wikipedia, the power of the blast was somewhere between 5 and 30 megatons, about 10-15 most likely. Thats about the same as the Castle Bravo explosion, about a third the power of the most powerful nuclear bomb blast ever, from the Tsar Bomba, or best of all, the Tunguska blast was around a thousand times more powerful than than Little Boy, the bomb dropped over Hiroshima. A THOUSAND TIMES more powerful than the only nuclear bomb dropped on a city, so imagine the pictures from Hiroshima times one thousand! As many as 140,000 people died in Hiroshima from that one bomb, multiplied by 1000 , and assuming that just making the bomb more powerful would proportionally kill more people, then thats 140 MILLION dead. So, by my crackpot logic, that makes no sense at all, if an explosion like the Tunguska event happened again, over a country like America, it could kill 140 million people. My math is way off there, thats assuming the blast spread out evenly, and that there were 140 million people lined up patiently waiting for the explosion, but its a shocking number. That was an obvious edit.

Back to some actual facts. The explosion knocked down about 80 million trees, I cant imagine what a million trees look like, let alone 80 million, over 2150 square kilometres. Looking up what a square metre is again, to make sure I understood, the blast basically made a square over 2000 kilometres in each direction dissapear, like dragging one of those little selection boxes in MS Paint, and then deleting it. 2150 square kilometres, thats too much for me to imagine, like the 80 million trees.

This is straight from Wikipedia

I still love using the Alex voice, I leave in any little hiccups it makes, it makes it more interesting to listen to, dont you think?

The blast was measured as about 5 on the richter scale.

Heres a clip from The History Channel

Id like to understand what happened at the end of that clip, I didnt cut out what the guy was saying, thats weird.

There's many interesting, and crazy, ideas about what really happened during the Tunguska Event. Some include black holes hitting the earth, natural H Bombs going off, natural gas suddenly flowing out from a crack in the earth and detonating, or my personal favourite of the theories, that Nikola Tesla had something to do with the Tunguska Event. Around the time of the Tunguska Event, there were a team of men heading to the North Pole. The Crazy theory is, that Tesla tried to communicate with the men, by sending an energy beam, through the earth, and perhaps this exploded out and caused all the damage to the area.

Whatever happened , its an interesting, and freaky, occurance, the Tunguska Event. Oh, one last clip, from that old movie, Ghost Busters, pretty random huh, the Tunguska Event gets mentioned, although they get the year wrong, it was in 1908, they say 1909.

Funny little clip, I wasnt expecting to use it as I planned this episode, I saw "Tunguska Event in Popular Culture" on Wikipedia, saw it was mentioned in Ghost Busters and found a sound clip on a sound bite website, its linked in my sources below.

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This Outro is from No Agenda 92,

Have a super happy day, bye.

NA 92 clip electric shocks in NY

History Channel video for Sound clip from Ghost Busters

NA episodes 92, 98,100

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