Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Episode 21 Metal Gear Solid pt 1

Episode 21 MGS Disc 1

Metal Gear Solid, audio ripped from the game, this is a playthrough of all the codec conversations, movies etc. Enjoy part I!

Hey, welcome to yet another episode of Jay Wont dart's podcast, where I play sound clips, and rudely interrupt with semi original thought every now and then.

This episode, I begin the audio from Metal Gear Solid, the best Playstation game ever! I downloaded the audio recently, and fell in love with it, I often listen to the entire conversation type audio from the game while I work. Thank you to Rob, I havnt been able to contact him to thank him. You can find the audio by going to this link, tinyurl.com/mgsaudio , thats a shortcut I just made that links to MGSforums.com, and the page with his audio from MGS 1, and MGS2.

I also have audio from MGS 3 Snake Eater, I downloaded gameplay videos from Youtube and sucked the audio out of them. I have the official Soundtrack to MGS4, I bought the Special Edition, complete with 6 Inch Solid Snake posable action figure, its not a toy!

Solid Snake infiltrates Shadow Moses, a Nuclear Weapon disposal site in Alaska, to save the world from Metal Gear Rex, and the evil bad guys. You can easily find the plot to the game on Wikipedia, I'll just get straight into the sound clips. Theres two boss battles that really matter that you'll hear soon, Psycho Mantis, who can read minds, is invisible, and wears a gas mask, and Sniper Wolf, a sniper who wastes a lot of time, since you have to go way back in the games map to find the PSG1 sniper rifle. Theres also Vulcan Raven, a giant half naked man who you have to fight twice, like Sniper Wolf. And Revolver Ocelot, who becomes the main enemy through the entire Metal Gear Solid games.

I hope you can listen to this long file while you do other things, let your mind wander and imagine this all taking place. Metal Gear Solid would make a kick ass movie, theres been talk of it being in production for a long time, it seems to always be in production, Im not sure if its ever going to be completed. This audio Im going to play would be fine as it is, maybe just touch up the computer animation to make it up to modern standards, but the audio is perfect.

Here go the clips, enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed that, next episode is part 2. I'll mention that I gave into the torture here, I'm playing that path, as you get a better reward at the end of the game Stealth Camo of your own, so you can be invisible! You have a shimmering green outline, that normal enemies cannot see. I hope you enjoy the second part of my MGS Episodes, I had to make two episodes due to my old version of Garageband having a recording limit.


Metal Gear Solid, by Konami, game audio downloaded from
http://mgsforums.com/topic/7002669/1/ or

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