Saturday, May 16, 2009

Episode 16 Post 911 America = Nazi Germany?

Episode 16 Post 911 America = Nazi Germany?

Hi listeners,

Welcome to another episode of Jay Wont dart's podcast.

This is just a quick episode, Adam Curry said a couple interesting things on episode 791 of his Daily Source Code podcast, and I thought I'd repackage them as part of, hell, a full episode of my own podcast. Adam often has crackpot theories about 911 being an inside job, aliens visiting, evil businessmen that control everything, its quite fun to listen to him. But, every now and then, he comes up with something I have to fully admit makes sense in at least some way.

This is one of those times. The first part is a comparison of post 911 America with Nazi Germany, pretty controversial. Basically, Adam is reading an article from a website comparing how Hitler came to power, because people let him take over, they stood by, and did nothing. Many examples are given, and then the situation today in america is compared to this. Its quite interesting, theres been some weird stuff thats happened in america, that can basically be summed up as people having rights taken away. New weapons are being made all the time, supposedly non lethal weapons are being trialled, things using loud sounds, and electric shocks to control people. People are not allowed to take more than so much liquid on planes, ever since some guy tried using liquids to make a bomb. People have to be searched more at hospitals, they have to take their shoes off, ever since one guy had a bomb in his shoes. One weird incident will end up making huge new laws, and new searchs, checks and ultimately restrictions on everyday americans lives.

I dont at all agree that America right now is exactly the same as Germany was when Hitler came to power. But its quite interesting to listen to anyway. I dont know who Americas Hitler character would be, President Obama? Hes had some critics, who say he promised so many great things, like shutting down Gitmo on day one, that just havnt come to pass. The Hitler character could also be Al Gore, people who impose new Green taxes and laws on people. Keep an open mind, and just listen to the facts, the history of what happened before World War II, and whats happening now. Straight after, Adam played a Immortal Technique rap thats quite clever to listen to.

The second clip is a caller talking about 911, and Adam brings up some mysterious laser beam, microwave type weapon that he says blew up one of the World Trade Centre buildings. Pretty nuts, I dont know what to say really.

I highly recommend everyone listening to this podcast listen to Adam on his No Agenda podcast, and also Daily Source Code, these are both easy to find on iTunes.

Dont call me a crackpot just because I find the clips interesting to think about! Just making this episode to help spread the interesting information Adam Curry brought up.

I'll play the clips now.

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