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Episode 15 1970's Horror Films

Episode 15 1970's Horror Films

Deranged, Deliverance, Soylent Green episode

I get that alot.

Hello and welcome to Episode 15 of Jay Wont dart's podcast, 1970's Horror Movies. The movies I'll be mentioning are Deranged, Deliverance and Soylent Green.

This Episode I'll give tiny reviews for some of my DVD movies, all of these movies are of the Horror genre, and from the 1970's, and we all know that old things are scary!

But first, I'll start by telling you about my friends new podcast thats on the way, its going to be totally excellent, lots of informative talk, and interesting opinion, well basically so the deal is that...

Back to me, yip Um, thanks for that Des. Yes, um, well I'll, um, go back to my episode now, yeah.

I have the trailer for each movie, and some sound clips from famous scenes. I should give you a warning now, there will be heaps of spoilers, I always read about movies before I see them, normally the Wikipedia page, to see if its worth seeing or not. But, I know some crazy people who actually enjoy being surprised by movies, weirdos, rather than knowing the ending before you hit play on the dvd, or sit down at the movie theatre. The point of my little movie reviews are to tell you about movies I think you should see, so Im trying to convince you that its worth buying, or renting the DVD. I cant show you fancy fire explosions in slow motion like movie trailers do, so I focus on the plot, Hollywood should try that sometime. However, if you dont want to have Deranged, Deliverance or Soylent Green spoiled before you've seen it, then its time to stop listening to this episode!

You've been warned.

First movie, is Deranged.

I saw part of Deranged years ago, on Sky pay tv. It was the part near the end, with the young woman in the snow. Very messed up.

Heres the Deranged trailer

As always, I hope you search for the video clips that I play, audio only, you really have to watch these for yourself sometime. I've tried to put the links in the shownotes, that show in the lyrics mode of your ipod....I say this every episode huh?

Deranged is based on Ed Gein (geen), one of the most well known killers in history, heres what Wikipedia has to say. Alex, the Mac Voice is gonna mess up his name, its pronounced "geen".

Scary guy huh?

and now the Wikipedia plot for Deranged.

Apparently, the dead bodies in the movie are made from chicken wire, plastic skulls, and painted cotton. The faces are plaster casts from crew members. Also, Mrs Cobb, the elderly mother who dies, the actor who played her was only 14 years older than the actor who played Ezra, her son. I hate the word actress, it sounds demeaning to me, like an actress is a woman trying to be an actor, I dont get why actor cant be for both genders.

Heres a clip from Mrs Cobb, what she thought about women. Throughout the movie, we see clips from what Ezra remembers her telling him.

I'll give Deranged 3 out of 5, its a very enjoyable movie, but theres no really mindblowing scenes, its pretty much just a standard old horror flick. Its a B movie really. I do like a lot of little scenes, but its not a very original movie, and overall I dont think its as good as Silence of the Lambs etc.

Next movie, Deliverance.

Deliverance is a movie about a Canoe trip in the American South gone wrong.

Listen to the trailer for Deliverance,

Deliverance is well known for two scenes in particular, the Banjo Duel, and "Squeal like a Pig". I'll play parts from those scenes very soon, after playing what Wikipedia has to say about the movie.

Heres what Wikipedia has to say about it.

Pretty brutal.

Ok, first I'll play the Banjo Duel, one of the main characters plays his guitar against a local boy, who doesnt seem quite "right", the movie crew looked for someone who looked, well, retarded, Billy Redden, the boy who plays the character is mentally fine, but he doesnt look very normal in the movie. The banjo kids characters called "lonnie". Well, so Lonnie plays his banjo, against a guitar, and wins! See if you recognise the song, its a pop culture moment, its been parodied in the simpsons, family guy and other places.

Heres the clip

At the end, Lonnie the not right looking boy with the banjo turns his head away awkwardly from the main characters. he shows up in a weird way in the later parts of the movie, on a creepy suspension bridge watching the canoe go down the river.

Something interesting, Billy Redden, the guy playing Lonnie the banjo kid, is not actually playing the banjo, hes wearing a weird shirt, with a very good banjo player reaching through from behind Billy, his hands seem to belong to Lonnie.

the other popular scene from Deliverance, is "Squeal like a Pig".

Two of the three main characters come across locals, one main character gets tied up, and the other, well, he gets raped by a scary southern guy. He gets told to "squeal like a pig". also, "hes got a real purty mouf"

At the end of the scene, the third main character saves the other two, by shooting one of them with his bow.

I'll give Deliverance 3 out of 5 again, its not an amazingly good movie, but it does deserve its place in popular culture. 3 out of 5 on the Jordan-ometre for both movies so far, doesnt sound like they deserve a special podcast episode, but they are interesting movies in their own way, just not that amazing to watch, if you ask me. i mean, they have great scenes, classic scenes that you need to see, but the whole movie, as a whole, is not very good compared to awesome movies like Forest Gump.

My last movie, Soylent Green.

This is a fun movie for Vegans to watch, its basically about how screwed up the worlds going to become, from overpopulation to corporations.

In the future, meat, and regular decent food are almost impossible to find, people eat Soylent products, Soylent Red, Yellow, and the latest version, Soylent Green. Thanks to Wikipedia, a jar of Strawberry Jam is said to cost "150 dollars", which isnt really that much really when you think about inflation etc, the movies set in 2022, which sounds far out, but its 2009 now remember :) When the movie came out, in 1973, 150 usd a jar of jam would have sounded expensive, but 150 dollars is not that much money anymore, it is for jam, but not overall a huge sum of money.

The way the recessions hitting america, hyperinflation could come about very easily, some third world countries have ultra high value notes, you pay for things with hundred thousand dollar notes, I think Zimbabwe has a billion dollar note now. So, paying 150 us dollars for jam doesnt sound very expensive, if we have hyper inflation, by our standards, in the year 2022. I guess, in the 70's, a jar of jam would have cost 5.2 cents american money, so 150 dol lars sounds a lot of money.

In the movie they make it seem like only millionaires have food like we eat today, everyone else makes do on these government handout Soylent products. People act like they've never even heard of Jam, and they cant read at all, I dont think it would be that hard for a group of people to save up money for Jam, its essential you know! Its fun to think about though, I mean, the movie made in the 70's, 2022 must have been like a billion years away, well, its just around the corner now, and it seems unlikely that in a few short years, we wont be able to read or afford Jam. I guess we predict stupid stuff too though, the future never gets accurately predicted by anyone.

Heres the trailer for Soylent Green.

Funky noises huh? The future is all about eery sounds. Thunderbirds had those kinda wheep whooop whoooo whoooup noises too.

I like the way the name Soylent Green sounds , I might start calling Soy products, "soylent" something from now on. So, my Soymilk will become Soylent White, being white.

Heres the plot for Soylent Green.

Soylent Green, the food product, has been in modern tv series, in futurama its a common food, even though people know its made from actual people, its just accepted. In The Simpsons its showed up too.

An interesting fact, the guy who plays the old guy in the movie, Edward G Robinson, he died TWELVE days after filming was finished. It was the 101st movie that he'd been in.

Heres a part from the end of the movie, when the main character finds out what Soylent Green is.

To shake things up a bit, I'm going to give Soylent Green FOUR out of 5, because of its interesting message about the future, you know, a few years from now? Some scenes are pretty stupid, like at the food riots, people are broken up by riot police, one of the tools they use are these big dump trucks that "scoop" people up and into the back of them. Well, I think future police wont have special people picker uper truck things, they will use pepper spray, or tazers. Not just some big trucks rigged up with bulldozer bits on the front, a zany movie prop.

All old movies look dated, but these three 1970's horror movies have great scenes, and that makes them worth watching. I hope you do decide to rent, or even buy these great, fantastic, amazing, world changing movies, that I rated as 3's and a 4 out of five.

Thank you for listening to this episode of Jay Wont dart's podcast!

If you want to contact me, even just to say you listened, send an email to, j a y w o n t d a r t @, I'd appreciate it.

Have a super happy day, bye.



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